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In the dynamic realm of call centers, where every interaction is an opportunity, achieving sales excellence requires a unique blend of skills, technology, and strategy. 

Our Sales Services:

    • Lead conversion from cold to warm/hot
    • Ed Tech Sales (Counseling Led Sales)
    • Lead Generation
    • Telemarketing for controlled circulation business
    • Upselling and Cross Selling

What sets us apart:

    1. Comprehensive Training Programs
    2. Customer-Centric Approach
    3. Multichannel Sales Capability
    4. Data-Driven Decision Making
    5. Agile and Adaptable Sales Strategies
    6. Technology Integration
    7. Cross-Functional Collaboration
    8. Continuous Monitoring and Feedback
    9. Adherence to Compliance and Ethics

Customer Support

No matter what the business, the customer is always at the core.  There are several organic and inorganic ways to acquire customers today.  With that significant investment made, it is important to keep them happy in all their dealings with your company.  Customer impact reports suggest that more than 60% of customers will switch suppliers due to poor customer service. Competition is massive and retaining customers is imperative.


At Gandalf, we consider customer service not just as a department but as an art form – a masterpiece crafted with precision, empathy, and unwavering commitment

Inbound Services

With a knack for critical metrics like AHT, C SAT, Service levels etc, the wizards at Gandalf Services are competent in providing the following services:


  • Customer Service
  • Record updates
  • Product information services
  • Directory inquiry services
  • Product & Billing Information
  • Loyalty clubs and Reservations
  • Insurance claim processing


Outbound Services

Gandalf services team has extensive experience in managing outbound campaigns, specifically sales for the Ed Tech Domestic Market and telemarketing for controlled circulation business (Intl), having managed multiple publications over more than 10 BPA cycles.  Our outbound services include:

  • Welcome calls
  • Market research/Surveys
  • B2B Appointment Setting 
  • Product Information & Billing


Controlled Circulation Telemarketing

Ran successful campaigns for Putman Media, Scranton Gillete, Endeavor Media, Elite Publishing etc. Our services offer:

  1. Subscriber Acquisition and Renewal services for Controlled Circulation publishers
  2. Reduced cost of telemarketing using our offshore call center in India 
  3. Experienced staff with experience over multiple BPA cycles 
  4. Customized solution for each campaign/publication 
  5. “Per subscriber” pricing structure to enable budget management 
  6. All calls recorded as per BPA norms
  7. Focus on maximum convert on file size 
  8. Calls and data is monitored and assessed for continuous improvement on conversion 
  9. Daily reports by leadset so you can manage your internal lead goals better 

B2B Appointment Setting

Do you have leads from your marketing initiatives? We have worked with clients to setup appointments for their Sales Representatives in the B2B space.

Streamlined B2B Appointment Setting at Gandalf:
In the fast-paced world of B2B engagement, we specialize in more than just setting appointments – we create strategic opportunities. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Strategic Precision: Tailored approach, analyzing markets and client offerings for purposeful calls.
  • Skilled Professionals: Industry-savvy team representing your brand with professionalism and passion.
  • Multi-Touchpoint Engagement: Comprehensive outreach via calls, emails, and more for optimal exposure.
  • Precision in Data Management: Meticulous data upkeep ensures accuracy and maximizes every call’s impact.
  • Qualification Expertise: Setting the right appointments through lead qualification, prioritizing quality over quantity.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Dynamic strategies that adjust to market shifts and emerging trends.
  • Transparent Reporting: Open communication with detailed reports for client insight and strategy refinement.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Delivering results without compromising efficiency or breaking the bank.

Experience the difference at Gandalf, where every call is a door to a prosperous B2B partnership. We open those doors with precision, professionalism, and a commitment to creating opportunities that propel your business forward.



Education and Admission Counseling

With over a million students and parent interactions, we are experts on Education counseling and have worked with clients such as Coding Ninja’s, Jaypee Brothers, Career Launcher among others. We have a seasoned team of Education counselors.

Embarking on an educational journey can be both thrilling and overwhelming. At Gandalf, we transform this journey into a seamless experience by providing top-notch education and admission counseling through our specialized call center services.

  1. Personalized Guidance: Our education and admission counseling services are anchored in personalized guidance. We understand that each student is unique, and our expert counselors provide tailored advice to help individuals navigate the complexities of educational choices.
  2. Comprehensive Information: In the vast landscape of educational options, having comprehensive information is key. Our call center is equipped with a knowledgeable team ready to provide insights on courses, institutions, admission procedures, and other critical details.
  3. Proactive Problem Solving: We go beyond just answering queries; we proactively identify potential issues and provide solutions before they become roadblocks in the admission process. Our counselors are adept at foreseeing challenges and ensuring a smooth application journey.
  4. Multichannel Support: Education knows no bounds, and neither does our support. Our call center offers multichannel support, including phone consultations, live chat, and email assistance, ensuring accessibility to guidance whenever and wherever it’s needed.
  5. Technology Integration: Harnessing the power of technology, our call center employs advanced systems to streamline the counseling process. From efficient data management to utilizing AI-driven tools, we leverage technology to enhance the quality of our services.
  6. Adherence to Deadlines: In the fast-paced world of admissions, timing is crucial. Our call center services prioritize adherence to deadlines, ensuring that students receive timely guidance to meet application timelines and submit documentation accurately.
  7. Continuous Follow-Up: Our commitment extends beyond the initial consultation. We believe in continuous follow-up, keeping applicants informed about application progress, upcoming deadlines, and any additional requirements. This ensures a proactive and supportive approach throughout the admission process.
  8. Industry Expertise: Our counselors aren’t just knowledgeable; they’re industry experts with insights into the latest trends, admission criteria, and educational landscapes. This expertise ensures that students receive advice that is not only accurate but also forward-thinking.

At Gandalf, we believe that education is a transformative journey, and our call center services are designed to make this journey as smooth and enriching as possible. From choosing the right course to navigating the admission process, we’re here to guide, support, and empower individuals towards academic success.



With unique capabilities those combine industry-specific process management with a global, talented workforce and patented technology and analytics, Gandalf Services has developed a comprehensive approach to collections. It’s one that diminishes revenue loss even as it maintains high compliance standards, and enhances customer experience.

    Types of  Collection Services:

    • Early Stage
    • Late Stage
    • Specialised Services
    • Support Functions

    Our collections framework focuses on holistic debt management that aims to prevent delinquency.

    Back Office Support

    In most companies, a lot of the critical work happens behind the scenes, in the back office.  These processes form the basis for the eventual customer and product experience. Our wizards are equipped to manage your back office work; a lot of which can also happen during off hours and holidays, thanks to the India time advantage, therefore increasing efficiency.  We work tirelessly with your onshore teams to improve results and use technology to better accuracy and output.  Some of the services we provide are:


    • Online Research
    • Transcription
    • Chat/Email support
    • Transactional services
    • Content Moderation

        Recruitment Services

        At Gandalf, we recognize that building a talented and dedicated workforce is crucial for the success of any organization. Our specialized Recruitment Services are designed to streamline your hiring processes, identify top-tier talent, and contribute to the growth and success of your business. Trust us to be your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of recruitment and talent acquisition.

        End-to-End Recruitment Solutions:
        We offer end-to-end recruitment solutions that cover the entire hiring lifecycle. From defining job requirements and creating compelling job descriptions to conducting interviews and onboarding, our services ensure a seamless and efficient hiring process.

        Candidate Screening and Assessment:
        Save time and resources with our rigorous candidate screening and assessment processes. We utilize industry-specific assessments and conduct thorough interviews to evaluate candidates based on both technical skills and cultural fit, ensuring the selection of candidates aligned with your organizational goals.


        The senior team members at Gandalf have spent many years starting and building offshore businesses.  They are passionate about making businesses profitable, project managing to move processes offshore seamlessly, and help manage your existing vendors. Our consulting services:

        • Vendor Management Practice – Gandalf Services can help you manage your offshore vendors. We have a very robust vendor management charter that has taken years to evolve, which can seamlessly fit into your business planning and deliverables.  This saves you the effort of hiring full time resources to manage your vendors and often spending significantly on travel expenses etc.  We provide a near shore solution, which is project based and result oriented.  

        • Project Management/Transition practice – Right from the “as-is, to-be” mapping to project managing the entire knowledge transfer and IT/resource deployment to your offshore location, Gandalf team can help you achieve your goals seamlessly and within timelines. We can adapt to any standard toolkits/documentation templates you use or we can use our own. We can engage with your teams right up-to the phase where we handover the project to operations post stabilization, or help up-to the “go live” phase. All of this is backed by a signed NDA that completely protects your business interests.

        • Customer lifecycle management practice – Our team at Gandalf Services works with your team to understand your end-customer journey; and helps optimize it.  Coupled with the right product, the customer experience can be enhanced by plugging in touch-point gaps, deploying technology to increase efficiency, and identifying “real” customer pain points with thorough analytics. The Gandalf services team is equipped to manage these gaps and help fine-tune or start off the customer delight journey for you.

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